Air2Nitrous™ was originally designed for the automotive industry. However, the technology has also been applied to manufacturing plants and other industries utilizing internal combustion engines (ICE’s) in their processes whether stationary or mobile. Some of these applications include but are not limited to: propulsion systems for On-Off highway use, air compressors, drilling mud pumps, drilling plants, winch drives, frac units, fire-fighting pumps, forklifts, cranes, bull dozers, buses, passenger trains, heavy duty freight trains, industrial locomotives (for tunnel assistance underground), boats, ships i.e., bulk carriers, tankers, container vessels of all capacities including mammoth-sized carriers, electrical generators (gensets for emergency, prime and continuous power) cogeneration power plants, repowering programs etc. All machinery operating ICE’s, when equipped with Air2Nitrous™ technology experience significant upside.