Air2Nitrous™ Emissions Test Report – Australia
Test 1: Before Air2Nitrous™
Test 2:  After Air2Nitrous™
Test 1 and 2, results tallied

Air2Nitrous™ Vs. SCR and EGR – fuel savings

SCR and EGR systems offer little in the way of increased fuel savings, as a direct result of using either system. Certainly one will experience a significant difference in fuel savings when comparing SCR and EGR systems, but not when compared with Air2Nitrous™ technology. This means, the manufacturer or end user will experience gains in fuel savings above and beyond what they are presently getting with just an SCR and EGR system (alone or combined).

While using Air2Nitrous™ technology 6%-20% fuel savings can be expected. This is another benefit of our technology at NO extra cost, with NO additional parts required to achieve these gains; it is an intrinsic characteristic of Air2Nitrous™ technology.