Air2Nitrous™ Increases Closed-Loop Effectiveness


Using Air2Nitrous™ technology will significantly increase the closed-loop control systems effectiveness, no more conflicting requirements for effective NOX reduction and HC oxidation as most of these pollutants are removed upstream (prior to combustion) well before other downstream diesel retrofit devices (catalytic converts, SCR, EGR systems, DPF’s and DOC’s) have to contend with these issues, thereby extending their working life and adding to the end-users bottom line.



Air2Nitrous™ and Hard Acceleration


Using Air2Nitrous™ technology will ensure maneuvers such as ‘hard acceleration’ no longer enrich your NOX  and oxygen mixture to the point beyond which the converter can effectively supply oxygen. Our technology to a large extent combats these issues upstream (before combustion) significantly alleviating them for diesel retrofit devices (catalytic converts, SCR, EGR systems, DPF’s and DOC’s) downstream. Furthermore, our device is proven to considerably increase engine torque.









‘They could use that EXTRA 15% increase in Torque & Hp right about now’


Air2Nitrous™ technology averts many of the pitfalls associated with other diesel retrofit devices including Three-way Catalytic Convertors, SCR, EGR systems, DPF’s and DOC’s.

Moreover, our technology is applicable across the fuel spectrum working with all fuels being combusted in an ICE.
Using Air2Nitrous™ technology reduces most of the elemental carbon upstream (before combustion), which catalytic convertors cannot do, therefore the technology is able to extend the useful life of your catalytic converter and DPF’s.