Air2Nitrous™ Added Advantages for EGR Systems
Technology Reduces Nitric Acid

Decreases Glycol Contamination

Affects on Lube Oil

Air2Nitrous™ technology reduces nitric acid build-up in the EGR loop extending engine life by significantly reducing the effects of corrosion. This is because the technology converts atmospheric air oxygen content from its present 21% to 33% (36.4% oxygen increase). The technology further converts present atmospheric air nitrogen content from 78% to 66% (15.4% nitrogen reduction).

In other words Air2Nitrous™ technology creates nitrous oxide (N2O) a highly enriched air/fuel mixture for the engine to burn, which is a high heat, high-oxygenated environment. Since less nitrogen is produced with our technology less nitrogen is available for conversion into nitric acid within an EGR loop. This is ‘game changing technology’ for any EGR system bringing about significant marketable advantages not previously available to EGR engine manufacturers. Just another way Air2Nitrous™ technology saves manufacturers and end-users money.

Air2Nitrous™ technology decreases engine coolant contamination (Glycol contamination) in EGR systems, as less coolant is needed when using the technology. *Coolant dosing calibration is required in order to establish new reduced coolant amounts as a direct result of implementing the technology. By implementing the technology with your existing systems it will be much easier to obtain the “zero glycol contamination in systems” guidelines as set forth by the Technology Maintenance Council.



*NOTE: Any recalibration of EGR coolant flow rates after installing Air2Nitrous™ technology must be homologated by qualified entities such as engine manufacturers, emissions control companies or other responsible parties capable of performing said diagnostics. They should be equipped with simulation tools for optimizing calibration and able to predict the efficiency of new flow rates adjusted for use with our technology.




Air2Nitrous™ technology gets more out of your lube oil for EGR engines. Our technology allows engines to burn hotter by combusting (N2O) a highly enriched air/fuel mixture. As a result less unburned fuel is able to migrate into the lube oil preventing serious fuel dilution. This equates to less diluting of the lube oil’s additive concentration, allowing lube oil’s effectiveness to last longer and cause less thinning as a result. Moreover, experience less reliance on expensive oil formulas like CJ-4 as Air2Nitrous™ technology significantly reduces soot through a hotter combustion process upstream, further providing the end-user with savings.