Air2Nitrous™ Vs. SCR and EGR – engine power/torque and Hp


Air2Nitrous™ technology significantly increases engine torque and Hp because it converts atmospheric air upstream before combustion, into Nitrous Oxide (N2O) a highly enriched air/fuel mixture.


*SCR or EGR systems operate down stream after exhaust and cannot increase engine torque and Hp without additional turbo charging etc. Alternatively, Air2Nitrous™ technology offers marked increases in torque and Hp as a direct result of implementing our system.




This means, engine manufacturers or end-users will get better power density from the same engine sizes in torque and Hp above and beyond what they are presently attaining with just an SCR and or EGR system in place.



Using Air2Nitrous™ technology increases engine torque and Hp 5%-16%. This is an additional value of the technology, which is passed onto the user, at NO extra costs; with NO additional parts required to effect torque and Hp increases. Getting more power allows you to haul heavier loads, cutting down significantly on load run totals, thus saving the end user even more money.

*NOTE: regardless of SCR marketing, truly optimal combustion temperatures can only be achieved upstream prior to combustion with Air2Nitrous™ technology. Before atmospheric air can reach the combustion chamber,  Air2Nitrous™ technology converts it into Nitrous Oxide (N2O) a highly enriched air/fuel mixture. N2O is composed of 50% more oxygen than atmospheric air.  Hence, when using Air2Nitrous™ technology N2O is being combusted rather than atmospheric air, allowing your engines to combust at truly optimal temperatures and thus increasing torque and Hp, reducing emissions and conserving fuel.