Air2Nitrous™ Means Less Reliance on Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
Air2Nitrous™ technology can cut NOX emissions up to 75% before it even reaches SCR or EGR systems downstream. Due to Air2Nitrous™ fuel saving capabilities the end user will utilize less of the costly DEF solution adding to your fleet’s bottom line. The removal of NOX upstream further ensures extended overall use of an SCR or EGR system by reducing stress on the catalysts needed to remove harmful emissions. Furthermore the user will experience:
Minimized storage and shelf life requirements, since the user will consume less DEF

Less overall vehicle weight as the same tank of DEF will last longer

Additionally, for customers that have yet to adopt SCR or EGR systems it is likely


Overall reduced operator cost as less DEF is consumed over the life of the vehicle or machinery. This means the standard 2% of fuel in the U.S. and 4%-6% in the E.U. will significantly decrease, adding to the users bottom line

•Extended DEF parts related maintenance, injector tips, airless injectors, low injection starting temperatures

•Prolonged DEF usage and reduced ‘wall wetting’ or urea deposits on the exhaust pipes interior

•Extended DPF life

Fewer DPF filter changes

• *EGR flow rates and SCR dosing rates can be significantly reduced and recalibrated from the current 2%-6% (U.S. to E.U. standards) of fuel consumption ratio if your vehicles or machinery are equipped with Air2Nitrous™ technology. The reason is simple, we treat up to 75% of NOX emissions upstream (before combustion) meaning there is less treatment required downstream by SCR and EGR systems, thereby allowing a manufacturer to adjust the flow rates accordingly, affording the end user even greater ROI throughout the vehicle or machineries operating life.

(Air2Nitrous™ realizes such a change will prove controversial to urea and DEF manufacturers, but this is a reality. Furthermore, if a manufacturers loyalty is with their customer base, then offering the most appealing emissions technology package possible, should be their first concern, as the manufacturers will increase their bottom line by attracting more customers).


*NOTE: Any recalibration of EGR flow rates and SCR dosing rates for optimal DEF usage after installing Air2Nitrous™ technology must be homologated by qualified entities such as engine manufacturers, emissions control companies or other responsible parties capable of performing said diagnostics. They should be equipped with simulation tools for optimizing calibration and able to predict the efficiency of new flow and dosing rates accordingly.