Air2Nitrous™ NOT Effected by ‘Low/High’
Duty Cycles for On-Off Road Applications

With Air2Nitrous™ there is no such thing as ‘low or high’ duty cycles. The technology is constantly producing so long as the engine is operating which is of tremendous value for Non-road or Off-road applications. With Air2Nitrous™ technology you do not have to worry about whether your engine is mostly idling or constantly working on a ‘high’ duty cycle. You will still experience tremendous emissions reductions regardless of engine operation parameters.



Air2Nitrous™ equipped engines offer lower fuel consumption per unit of work, thereby contributing considerably less CO2 or greenhouse gas, further enabling engine manufacturers to meet new stricter emissions regulations for ‘low and high’ duty cycles or On-Off-road applications.

Further mitigate EGR/DPF engine redesign risks associated with existing Off-road equipment chassis with lower fuel consumption and perhaps no need for a larger cooling system.

‘Lowering your cost per unit of material moved or transported with an EXTRA 15% increase in Torque & Hp’


*Air2Nitrous™ may offer significant value to EGR systems in capturing global markets, as ULSD might no longer be as significant an issue with our technology equipped on your vehicles or machinery.


*Note: This has yet to be established as we have not conducted these tests, but may be worthwhile for EGR manufacturers to evaluate.

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