Air2Nitrous™ Vs. SCR and EGR – physical space



Air2Nitrous™ components offer space saving dimensions. They are located upstream inside the engine compartment.
The Convertor module is fitted inside the air hose/duct behind the air filter (or sometimes infront of the air filter) and before the intake manifold taking up zero space under the hood (see hyperlink).
As a result, NO redesign is needed for existing peripherals; there is NO loss of precious cargo area, NO expense hiring engineers to reconfigure new or existing chassis to make room for bulkier SCR and EGR systems, only to achieve similar or worse results than an Air2Nitrous™ system. Chassis redesign is an ongoing cost to manufacturers as SCR/EGR systems become more and more developed into the future.

The Reactor is affixed to the engine compartment walls with screws taking up minimal space (see photo).

“It doesn’t get anymore ‘upstream’

than Air2Nitrous™ Emissions Control Technology”

Reactor mounted on a Mitsubishi Montero
Connecting wires to battery and ignition

Connecting wires to Converter  inside air filter (see hyperlink)

Installation time about 30 minutes!

‘Reducing emissions, saving fuel and increasing engine power can’t get any simpler’