Air2Nitrous Vs. SCR and EGR Systems

Most fuel and emission reduction systems concentrate on treating problems downstream (after the engine).

At Air2Nitrous™ we believe it is better, cheaper and more efficient to treat problems upstream (before engine) before they have a chance to negatively impact engine performance.

Again, Air2Nitrous™ is classified as a ‘first phase’ emissions control technology.

Air2Nitrous™ recognizes Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems are industry norms. However, Air2Nitrous™ offers additional benefits that SCR and EGR systems do not. Our technologies most outstanding benefit is the upstream retrofit ability thereby alleviating downstream redesigns associated with making SCR and EGR systems fit with existing chassis.

By combining SCR and or EGR with Air2Nitrous™ technology customers will experience maximum possible benefits and savings available in the industry today.

Any vehicle, truck or other machine operating an ICE will realize substantial returns when utilizing our technology. Air2Nitrous™ technology can yield maximum benefits in the areas of Fuel Savings (6%-20%), increased Engine Torque and Hp (5%-16%) and significantly Reduce Critical Emissions (50%-90%).