Air2Nitrous™ Vs. SCR and EGR – Componentry

Many engine manufacturers have chosen to adopt/implement Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which does an adequate job of treating NOx as an exhaust after treatment system. However, they are expensive, plagued with many moving parts, making them susceptible to breaking/failure and requiring parts be fixed or outright replaced. Furthermore the expensive additive Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is regularly required with SCR systems. An SCR equipped engine can NOT operate without DEF, directly affecting your fleet’s bottom line.

Likewise, In-Cylinder EGR systems often involve additional components not used with SCR technology including: vehicle cooling, air handling systems, coupled with the need for additional turbocharging, decreased engine life, greater fuel consumption and considerably increased costs.

Air2Nitrous™ technology is composed of  “two” (2) parts, a Convertor, Reactor and connecting wires. The modules draw power from the battery using a standard 1-Amp fuse. There are NO complicated moving parts to break, ensuring longevity of use and a maximum return on investment.

Since Air2Nitrous™ technology works upstream (before engine) none of the SCR or EGR componentry are necessary to achieve similar or better results at a much lower cost to the engine manufacturer or end user.

Below is a partial list of parts associated with SCR systems componentry.

1. NOX Care tank
2. Temperature sensor
3. Fuel-level sensor
4. Supply module
5. ECU
6. Metering valve
7. Air-supply tank
8. Exhaust-gas temperature sensor
9. Exhaust-gas sensor
10. Air supply
11. Treated exhaust-gas
12. Atomizer pipe
13. Cab indicator light

14. RPM sensors

More parts equates to greater component stress i.e., risk of some or all of the parts needing to be fixed or replaced at some point during the lifetime of your vehicle or machinery. These factors add significant cost to your ‘bottom line’. Magnify these costs across the life of a company’s fleet of trucks or machinery and this becomes a great expense.