Air2Nitrous™ Works With SCR and EGR Technologies
Companies presently using SCR or EGR technologies can still utilize Air2Nitrous™ technology with NO adverse affect to their systems.

The Reason: Air2Nitrous™ technologies treatment occurs upstream, before and during combustion, while SCR and EGR systems work downstream (exhaust aftertreatment).

By combining Air2Nitrous™ technology with an SCR or EGR system, the customer is guaranteed greater fuel savings at a lower cost, lower emissions reduction capabilities and a maximum gain in engine torque and Hp.

Air2Nitrous™ technology works seamlessly with SCR and EGR systems; there is NO negative or adverse affect. Positive effects include but are not limited to using less DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), less mobile and stationary regeneration, which prolong DPF life, fewer DPF filter changes and extended engine working life, which enhances the bottom line.