Air2Nitrous™ and Fuel Injection

Fuel injection systems have come a long way since being introduced into the mainstream but are still plagued with problems. Many injection systems have intricate parts, which are prone to failure. Though some companies have devised methods to counteract pressure pulsations within the common rail it has come at a cost. The purity and quality of fuel used with these newer injections systems must be of higher purity and quality. Fuel must now meet new levels for lubricity and viscosity while being as contaminant free possible to avoid abrasive damage of the delicate systems. Air2Nitrous™ helps increase fuel injection systems working life span by allowing them to use less fuel during the injection process. This is because a smaller amount of fuel is required when mixing with Nitrous Oxide (N2O) (produced by Air2Nitrous™ technology) before the combustion process.