Air2Nitrous™ Ikarus Commuter Bus PM Emissions Measurements

These are three separate emissions test taken after installing A2N’s technology in an Ikarus bus. We selected the Ikarus bus as it was originally made in Russia (since discontinued, the factory went out of business many years ago) and proves to be one of the biggest emitters of PM in Eastern and Central Europe as tens of thousands of these buses remain in circulation.

This test was conducted in September 2013 in Europe over the course of two weeks. It shows the initial test result immediately after the unit’s installation (First PM Measurement below), followed by two more test results, each one week later. It is clear from the readings that A2N progressively cleans an engine until it reaches a base line emissions standard.

Particulate Matter (PM) Emissions Test:

First PM Measurement:      0.25

Second PM Measurement: 0.15

Third PM Measurement:     0.07

A2N was able to achieve an astonishing 72% reduction in PM on the Ikarus bus.