Air2Nitrous™ Disclaimer and Legal Notice:

Air2Nitrous™ technology reduces emissions, saves fuel and increases engine torque and Hp, however, exact percentages per user may vary dependent upon a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to: engine age, engine condition, fuel variety and variances, whether equipped engine has other existing emissions technology in place, driver habits and any other condition(s) or specific application(s) which may cause a uniqueness of use.

The percentages represented in this document reflect a range of percentage feedback received from various customers around the world, while others are specific percentages Air2Nitrous™ has obtained while conducting its own tests or those in accordance with various emissions governing bodies utilizing specific automotive emissions analyzers, dynamometer testing etc.

The only way to know exact percentages regarding your engines or fleets is to conduct your own tests using Air2Nitrous™ components as results may vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer or company-to-company or end-user-to-end-user.

Some of the photographic imagery is our own while others are publicly sourced. Those used on pages with references to test serve as models or representations of actual vehicles used during Air2Nitrous™ testing. Other imagery which may contain logos of vehicle brands are simply illustrative, we are not promoting any brands over another, Air2Nitrous™ makes no claim, warranty or implied inferences, with regard to those logos, which are each the sole property of their respective companies.

All thoughts ideas and concepts expressed in this technical brief are those of Air2Nitrous™. They may not be used, reprinted or otherwise copied without the express written authorization of Air2Nitrous™ to do so would constitute copy right infringement. The Air2Nitrous™ Technical Brief is Copy Righted 2013, All Rights Reserved.

No warranty or claim is implied, nor should be construed by this document or any particular portion/section of the document. The contents of this document are provided for informational purposes only and may not be accurate for all locations and situations and are not intended to address the particular circumstances of each user and should be considered informational material for potential customers review and no other purposes. You should not act or refrain from acting based on this information, Air2Nitrous™ is NOT liable for any actions taken based upon any of the information provided.