Air2Nitrous™ Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Reductions

In order to comply with increasingly tough emission standards worldwide, engine manufacturers are forced not only to substantially reduce emissions of soot particulates (PM), but also emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Air2Nitrous™ technology stands out as one of the most fuel-efficient and cost effective solutions in reducing diesel emissions. It is considered a low-emission combustion technology. 

Air2Nitrous™ technology reduces emissions from any internal combustion engine (ICE), regardless of fuel source, (diesel, LPG, bunker oil, CNG, natural gas, gasoline etc).

Air2Nitrous™ technology reduces, THC, CO, CO2  and NOX emissions by 50%-90% while increasing O2 emissions up to 65% in some cases. PM is also significantly reduced. Because of high combustion temperatures, the PM is burned off upstream before entering the engine, during the combustion process. Vehicles or machinery powered with Air2Nitrous™ technology combust Nitrous Oxide (N2O), a highly enriched air/fuel mixture instead of atmospheric air. Moreover, many vehicle and machinery operators using Air2Nitrous™ technology are reporting gains in fuel economy of 6%-20%.

By using Air2Nitrous™ technology, social and environmentally responsible companies can achieve critical emissions and PM reduction above and beyond statutory obligations.