Air2Nitrous™ Marine and

Railway Applications


Ensuring your engines are


IMO II & III certified”

Air2Nitrous™ is pivotal technology in ensuring your rail and marine engines meet established emissions standards such as EU Stage IIIB, US Tier 4 Final and IMO II and IMO III (subject to Emissions Control Areas [ECA]) emissions regulations. It does not matter if engines are new,  old or needing to be repowered,  Air2Nitrous™ will help ensure your engines meet statutory guidelines.

With IMO Tier II certifications required of all non-identical replacement engines when installed on existing vessels after January 1, 2011 Air2Nitrous™ becomes an obvious choice for train and vessel operators.

Customers operating large vessels in the following Emissions Control Areas of the world should note the particular advantages Air2Nitrous™ offers your fleet in terms of savings, ease and speed of installation, ease in repowering old engines and having them certified to latest emissions standards. The following regions comprise the existing ECA regions:

▪ Baltic Sea (SOX)
▪ North Sea (SOX)
▪ North American - most of US and Canadian coast (NOX & SOX)
▪ US Caribbean ECA - (NOX & SOX)