Let’s Count Componentry

Reduce risks and extend the life of an SCR or In-Cylinder EGR system by implementing Air2Nitrous™ technology upstream.

Let our technology clean up a majority of the hazardous emissions during combustion, before they reach complicated and delicate SCR and EGR componentry downstream.

DPF & SCR, more than
40 parts, now add an
EGR system and it is over 100



SCR system

at least 14 parts




Your SCR and EGR systems will last longer as they now have fewer emissions per cycle to treat. This reduces component stress. Bottom line revenues are enhanced.



SCR and EGR systems have many complicated and expensive parts to achieve similar emissions results as   Air2Nitrous™, which has only two parts.


Schematics of a combined DPF/SCR system, an SCR system and Air2Nitrous™ system offer a visual comparison.


At Air2Nitrous™ we understand many large engine manufacturers and emissions control companies have already adopted these technologies making it economically impractical and or unfeasible to abandon. However companies, who have not adopted SCR or EGR systems, Air2Nitrous™ offers a viable, simpler and less expensive solution, in a retrofit device ready for installation today!