Air2Nitrous™ - Continuous

Regeneration Traps (CRT)

Many engine manufacturers using Continuous Regeneration Traps (CRT) for land use systems are restricted in doing so for marine based applications due to lower quality fuel. In such cases many manufacturers revert to active regeneration. By equipping an engine with Air2Nitrous™ upstream as a ‘first phase’ emissions control device, a majority of the PM or soot will have already been removed by the time it reaches downstream or ‘third phase’ DPF systems. Therefore, your standard DPF filter combined with Air2Nitrous™ technology can process most of the soot without the need for additional burners. If burners come pre-equipped then no matter, as Air2Nitrous™ will extend the life of both the DPF and burner unit, resulting in a win-win situation.

Air2Nitrous™ is very effective in combating critical emissions when lower quality fuel is involved, making it an ideal external optimization device for all marine vessels.