Air2Nitrous™ - Marine

propulsion ‘M’ ratings:  M1-M5


No matter which M rated class engine, when powered by Air2Nitrous™ technology will experience added torque. This means your engine now builds power faster, enabling your vessel to achieve higher cruising speeds at lower rpm’s.

The operator will find increased torque a real benefit during adverse weather conditions, swells, tides and currents. Up to a 15% increase in torque can be expected when your engine is equipped with Air2Nitrous™ technology; this is a marketable difference above and beyond your engines current limitations.


Air2Nitrous™ has the following benefits for trains and marine applications. It functions well under ‘full load’ or ‘low load’ operations. It is NOT affected by ‘stop and go’ operations typical with ferrying regional traffic whether rail or marine.


Engines powered with Air2Nitrous™ will better tolerate permanent fluctuations in mechanical and thermal loads resulting from alternating between acceleration and braking, as will all other engine components.