Air2Nitrous™ is Effective on Older

Vehicles and Machinery


California emission standards were met on a four (4) cylinder 1986 Toyota ‘pick-up’ truck equipped with Air2Nitrous™ technology. The truck had NO catalytic convertor. The California smog test was conducted May 11th, 2009 twenty-three (23) years after the vehicles production date.

Fact: SCR and EGR systems CAN NOT operate without a two-way or even three-way catalytic convertor


Air2Nitrous™ technology continues to deliver significant fuel savings, substantially reduced emissions, considerably reduced soot output, increased engine torque and Hp “with or without” catalytic converters.

2009 California Smog Test Results – 1986 Toyota ‘pick-up’ truck

*The smog test as administered by the State of California did not provide limits for these two categories and were left blank on the test results sheets provided.