Air2Nitrous™ Turbo Charging Like Effects

Air2Nitrous™ is a key technology in making high performance engines, outperform themselves.

Air2Nitrous™ provides that extra boost above and beyond your current turbo charging capabilities. Regardless if you are operating single or two-stage turbo charging or multiple sequentially arranged turbo chargers, add Air2Nitrous™ to the system and experience even greater power and engine responsiveness.


Unlike turbo chargers, broad power bands or high boost pressure capacity does not affect Air2Nitrous™ technology. Air2Nitrous™ was created for dynamic driving situations as well as specific speed ranges for power generation engines, which mainly operate at constant speeds. There is no need to settle for either increasing the speed range or choosing high boost pressure within a product, Air2Nitrous™ operates as dynamically as the engines it powers. This includes rail and marine applications, which require a more diverse dynamic power response.


Air2Nitrous™ technology reduces engine heat.  As air passes through the Convertor (see hyperlink), it is changed into N2O. N2O is a cooler gas than atmospheric air. Thus inflow air is made denser because cool air molecules contract. So within a given engine displacement, more air is pack inside, similar to turbo charging. However, unlike turbo charging this technology is neither compressing air nor utilizing additional fuel in proportion to turbo charging.


Therefore the operator gains turbo charging like benefits, without the proportional loss of fuel. Alternatively, the exhaust gas when measured is hotter by a margin of at least 6%-7% than it is without our modules installed, which further demonstrates the combustion efficiency of Air2Nitrous™ technology. Engines also experience a better load acceptance as a result of being equipped with the technology.