‘Before and After’ Air2Nitrous Emissions Clip


‘Before and After’ Air2Nitrous Emissions Clip

This is roughly a two-minute clip of a much longer installation video (about 30mn in its entirety). The clip highlights the end of the installation process illustrating the effects of Air2Nitrous ‘before and after’ being powered ‘on’.

The effects are clearly visible, first illustrating the trucks exhaust spewing white and then black smoke. This continues as the engine is revved. Halfway through the clip, we install the fuse into the Reactor thereby activating the Air2Nitrous unit.

Results are visible immediately with little to NO white or black exhaust being emitted during continuous revving!

Note: Although occasional smaller puffs may be emitted shortly after installation of the unit, this is a ‘natural and expected occurrence’ due to years of Particulate Matter (PM) build up ‘caked on’ the inside of the engine block. A few hours (and certainly two-three days) of driving ‘under load’ will burn off most of the engines existing PM, resulting in far cleaner emissions, so long as the Air2Nitrous unit is activated. Removing or deactivating the Air2Nitrous unit will instantly return the engine to its pre-installation polluting levels i.e., all the white and black smoke return.