Air2Nitrous™ WARRANTY
Air2Nitrous™ warrants its product from defect for two(2) year from date of purchase. If the reactor is non-operational or not functioning return it to the manufacturer in its original packaging. Air2Nitrous™ does not repair its units as the reactor is completely sealed with non-serviceable parts; therefore all units are replaced with a new one.
Air2Nitrous™ Reactor -Trouble Shooting

Before returning a unit for replacement:

  • Ensure the indicator light is off/not working
  • if this is the case, replace the 1 Amp fuse, then turn on the ignition to see if the Reactors indicator light is functioning
  • If the indicator light is not functioning then inspect all wires and connection points to insure nothing has been jogged lose prior to returning the device to manufacturer for a replacement unit


Air2Nitrous™ units are individually

packaged (A2N - L5)